Designated Area Migration Agreement Qld

Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) is a special immigration agreement signed between the Australian Government and regional employers. The agreement aims to provide employers with a pathway to hire skilled and semi-skilled workers from overseas in the specific regions where they are experiencing labor shortages. Queensland, being a state of Australia, also has its version of the DAMA, known as the Designated Area Migration Agreement Queensland (DAMA QLD).

The DAMA QLD, has been designed in collaboration with the Queensland Government and the Australian Government`s Department of Home Affairs to help address skill shortages in the state`s regional areas. The agreement offers a range of concessions to employers, such as more flexible skills criteria, lower English language requirements, and longer periods of employment. With the DAMA QLD, employers in the designated areas are allowed to sponsor visa holders with occupations that are not listed on the skilled occupation list, but that are needed in their business.

The DAMA QLD operates under two specific regions, namely, Far North Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef and the wider Queensland region. Under the Far North Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef region, employers can sponsor overseas workers for a wide range of occupations, including hospitality, tourism, and agriculture. On the other hand, the wider Queensland region has a broader variety of industries included, such as healthcare, construction, and manufacturing.

To be eligible for DAMA QLD, employers need to meet specific criteria such as demonstrating the negative economic impact of skill shortages, commitment to training Australians, and ability to provide employment opportunities to overseas workers. Employers must also comply with local labor laws and meet minimum salary requirements. Overseas workers are also required to meet certain eligibility criteria, such as having work experience, language proficiency, and necessary qualifications.

The DAMA QLD is an excellent opportunity for regional employers to fill their labor gaps and support the growth of their businesses. It allows skilled workers to migrate to the designated areas and contribute to the development of those regions. It also provides an opportunity for regional areas to attract and retain skilled workers and help local communities thrive.

In conclusion, the Designated Area Migration Agreement Queensland (DAMA QLD) is a mutually beneficial arrangement for the state of Queensland and businesses in the regional areas. It helps address labor shortages, promotes economic growth, and encourages skilled workers to settle in the regional areas. Regional employers who are experiencing skill shortages should consider DAMA, as it provides a pathway to hire skilled workers from overseas and support the growth of their business.